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1:1 Aircraft model - 1:1 J-31 fighter model (J-31 Gyrfalcon)

J-31 (Chinese code: Eagle, English: Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon) fighter, is the fourth generation (Russian standard fifth generation) twin-engine medium stealth fighter developed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Corporation (referred to as: Shenyang Aircraft).


1:1 J-31 fighter model

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J-31(Chinese code:Eagle,English:Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon)fighter,is the fourth generation(Russian standard fifth generation)twin-engine medium stealth fighter developed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Corporation(referred to as:Shenyang Aircraft).

J-31 Eagle aircraft is a fourth-generation medium-sized multi-role fighter developed for the needs of the international market,with excellent comprehensive combat effectiveness and independent intellectual property rights.The Eagle aircraft adopts the normal layout of single seat,double engine,outward tilt double vertical tail,full moving flat tail,large S-bend inlet on both sides,and embedded weapons bay.

J-31 aircraft has high survivability:low radar detectability,low infrared radiation characteristics,excellent electronic countermeasures performance,low vulnerability design;Multi-mission capability:strong target detection and external information integration capabilities,excellent situation awareness and information sharing capabilities,over-the-horizon multi-target attack and large off-axis omnidirectional attack combat air combat capabilities,precision strike capabilities against ground and sea targets,adaptability to complex meteorological conditions and wide regional use capabilities;Excellent comprehensive support capability;High cost performance.

At 10:32 am on October 31,2012,the J-31 successfully made its maiden flight.China has become the second country in the world to test two fourth-generation aircraft prototypes simultaneously.J-31 and China's heavy stealth fighter J-20 form a high and low match,and intends to launch a stealth fighter export model,there is also the development of a new generation of stealth carrier-based fighter potential to replace the J-15.

In November 2014,the J-31 real aircraft will show for the first time at the 10th China Zhuhai Air Show and perform a flight show.

Captain:16.9 meters

Wingspan:11.5 m

Machine height:04.8 meters

The Shenyang J-31(or"FC-31 fifth Generation Multi-Purpose Medium Fighter")also known as the"Gyrfalcon"(鹘鹰),or"Falcon Hawk"by some military enthusiasts,is a twin-engine,mid-size fifth-generation jet fighter currently under development by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.The fighter has also been referred to as the"F-60"or"J-21 Snowy Owl"(雪鸮)in some media reports.Its official name is Shenyang FC-31;J-xx nomenclatures in the Chinese military are reserved to programs launched and financed by the army,while this plane was developed by a private company.


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