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Professional model design and production, 1:1 realistic presentation, 19 years of focus on high simulation military models


Chengdu Yingming Model Development Co., Ltd


Purpose: Technology is the Tao, people-oriented; Sense of mission: to create a good brand, serve the community, and establish enterprises to give back to society;
Market philosophy: Carefully do a good job in products and services, so that all users can rest assured;
Competitive philosophy: Selling products is not as good as selling brands;
Business philosophy: Win the trust and laughter of users with good quality, repay the love and support of users with good service Quality philosophy:
Quality is more important than Mount Tai, and service is more important than everything else;
Employment philosophy: daring to learn, daring to reform, and daring to practice;
Product image: Convenient, practical, and scientific.


Integrity - the Fundamental to Enterprise Success
Use our sincerity and sincerity to win trust in society and establish ourselves in the world.
Unity - The Guarantee of Enterprise Success
Cultivate a good team spirit and work together to make progress.
Pragmatism - the foundation of enterprise success
Be down-to-earth, seek practical results, start from oneself, and embody the business philosophy of "customer first" with dedication and love for work.
Dedication - the Source of Enterprise Success
Create inexhaustible fruits with our youth and talent, and realize the desire of "serving the country through industry";
While gaining knowledge growth and talent improvement, we also receive generous rewards.