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Real machine disassembly and installation sales - machine disassembly and installation sales

In general, aircraft disassembly follows the principle of first disassembling the whole machine into assembly, assembly into components, and components into components. After the aircraft is dismantled, some equipment is sold directly, and some equipment and parts can be sold after repair and certification.


Real machine disassembly and installation sales - Real engine room (including cab)

Cabin: Generally refers to the position of the plane's superiors and passengers, which is divided into cockpit, first class, business class and economy class.


Real aircraft disassembly and installation sales - Airbus real cabin doors

The A320 has four cabin doors, one front and rear on each side. Normally, passengers board from the left front door.


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Points and precautions for making military models

Nowadays, with the increasing intensification of real estate, the demand for military tank models in the real estate field is increasing, and even military models have an indispensable position. Military model production is complex, every link is very fine, need a professional and powerful military model making company to produce a perfect military model. Today, some modeling companies have developed military models. This military model can simulate the overall situation of the model in the virtual world. At the same time, military models can be seamlessly combined with physical models to truly interact and bring the entire model system to life.


Metal, high simulation will become the mainstream model collection

In modern society, the competition is fierce, the pace of life is accelerated, most military model enthusiasts are difficult to have enough time to carefully and patiently assemble a traditional adhesive model, not to mention the assembled military model has the shortcomings of low grade and poor texture, so by the end of the 1990s, a high simulation, high-precision military model began to become popular.


The popularization and development of static simulation military model

Static simulation military model has a long history of development. In the records of ancient Chinese history books, there are many descriptions about simulation military model.