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Professional model design and production, 1:1 realistic presentation, 19 years of focus on high simulation military models


We will provide you with necessary inspection convenience and technical consulting services

During the production and processing of products, your company can send personnel to the factory to supervise production, supervise testing, and debug

At the completion stage of equipment production, we will notify you to come to our unit for inspection

The buyer may send technical personnel from the user unit to our unit or product site for technical training before, during, or after product delivery


1. At the time of product delivery, we can dispatch technical service personnel to provide tracking services. When the product is unpacked, we will cooperate with the buyer's technical personnel to inspect the appearance and quantity of the product;

2. Installation guidance: During the installation period, we will send personnel to guide the installation;

3. Debugging: We will dispatch personnel to conduct on-site power on debugging for the installed products;

4. On site guarantee operation: During the power on operation period of the user unit, we will send technical service personnel to assist; And has the responsibility to continue providing free technical training to the buyer's operators;

5. Free warranty during the warranty period: If there is any operational failure due to product quality issues during the warranty period, we will repair or replace the damaged components, accessories, etc. free of charge (excluding human damage);

6. Lifetime paid warranty: If the product exceeds the warranty period or if any components or accessories are damaged during operation, we will provide it to you, and you will pay a certain cost. We will send professional technical personnel to provide replacement services.


Our unit has a highly capable service team, which is managed by dedicated personnel and arranged uniformly. All service personnel have rich work experience. Our factory also regularly provides theoretical lectures and technical training to service personnel to keep them up-to-date with new product technologies, continuously improve service levels, and enrich their service capabilities.
From the effective date of the supply contract and after the delivery of the product, if the above services are required, please contact us in a timely manner. We will respond quickly upon receiving the notification to ensure that the service personnel arrive at the site for service as soon as possible.